The Foundation

The “Pest Mij Maar” (Just Bully Me) Tour has been around on its own for quite some years throughout the country. Everywhere important matters such as rates and correct tour dates has to be discussed with schools and institutions. That’s a substantial package of work given the fact we execute the tour ourselves. In addition the administration, all phone calls and feedback of schools.PestMijMaarD17aR05bP01ZL-Polk5b

On January 17th 2013 something benefited our tour. But, it all began on December 4th 2012 when Henk, on his birthday,had the chance to show his tour to the general public on a TV-broadcast of Hart van Nederland (SBS6). Up to 750,000 people saw the broadcast and the e-mails poured in with token of appreciations such as “keep it up”.Stichting_Pestkind_CMYK

One email rose above all of them, that of the family Melse – the successful jumpers(Horses) breeder from Winterswijk. This family wanted to help strengthen the tour. Quickly there were a few meetings and the drive, especially of Nicole Melse, pointed out was amazing. She, together with Baron René Van Der Borch te Verwolde, Mariska Honingh en Hank Melse himself are the driving force behind this beautiful and unique iniative. Foundation PestKind (Bully)  is born with the purpose to support the “Pest Mij Maar” (Just Bully Me) tour from Henk. They provide the means to enable Henk to accomplish his tour on every school in the Netherlands. This applies only to schools where the finances are provable inadequate.

Through the network of this beloved family Melse a number of activities have already been taken as charity within the foundation “PestKind” (Bully). Consider a number of Oldtimer races and an entertaining auction during the grand Country Fair in Strijen. For several months now Ball-Contact Sportservice has a brand new bus the foundation has taken care of.

Henk: “After 7 years on tour on my own, these people offered me this help. For a while I have been completely speechless and still cannot believe that we – in these times – may experience this”.

For more information regarding donations and/or help/questions, you can always send an email to  and we will forward this to the foundation.