Right To Play

For almost seven years now, Ambassador for Right to Play !

On Monday, July 10th 2006 Ball-Contact’s Henk Pieterse is officially appointed as ambassador for RightToPlay. This organization founded by Johann Olaf Koss, helps children in poor countries and war zones up to sport to stimulate morality and general welfare. Namely, playing has something magical, something liberating and especially something childlike, what f.i. childsoldiers soon forget to be.  This global organization houses names like Lance Armstrong (then not yet known for his drug use), Ronaldo (Brazil), Michael Johnson, Edith Bosch and Arnold van der Leyde and for almost seven years now our own Henk Pieterse. Take a look here for all Dutch ambassadors:http://www.righttoplay.com/netherlands/the-team/Pages/Ambassadeurs-lijst.aspx1612Right

In all these years Henk has given a lot of clinics and put his best (long) foot forward for this charity. For instance, during a gigantic Post-Olympic Gala at the Kuip(Soccer stadium of Feyenoord), with major sportstars, nothing less than 5000 Euro’s was offered for a clinic with him. He sold 10.000 euros worth of  tickets during a big event in Den Hague.

Henk himself: “Locked out and not allowed(or left out) to play is hard and that I know. But not able to play because of worries about the great misery and dangers in your area, that must be hell. We, Right To Play, thankfully, do something about this. I’m proud to be part of this organization… every child has the right to play!”

Also check www.righttoplay.nl