“Just Bully Me” (Pest Mij Maar)

In Henk’s life story on our “Who are we” page you can read how he was treated before he began to play basketball. It was certainly no fun for him to be so tall and terribly scrawny. It caused him much pain and brought his self-confidence to a low.

Children are hard among themselves, and when the teacher at school doesn’t notice, it may even take disastrous forms. A teacher only got two eyes!

Al this suffering, particularly in schools and playgrounds can lead to isolation of a child or worse.

Henk’s experience as a bullied teenager has moved him to do something about it. He presented himself as a protector of every bullied child in the Netherlands and, if necessary outside the boundaries. His tour, now already in the 7th year, is called “Pest Mij Maar” (Just Bully Me) for a reason. In this tour he declares to call the bullying to an end and if you do want to harass someone, harass him instead… he can take it, now (if you dare!). The “Pest Mij Maar” (Just Bully Me) tour gets national attention (check Media) but stands entirely on its own feet. In other words, Henk always and everywhere has to contact municipalities, schools or authorities to get the tour financed. There are (still) no partners or sponsors! Great news: Since January 2013 there is a Foundation called PestKind (Bullied Child), who enables schools and institutions with little or no financial resources to claim the “Pest Mij Maar” (Just Bully Me) visit by Henk.

Annually the “Pest Mij Maar” (Just Bully Me) Tour reached for about 35.000 participants! Municipalities who already brought in and experienced the tour are: Urk (originally set with multi functional friend Rein Brands), Emmeloord, Spijkenisse, Zaandam, Oosterhout, Nieuwegein, Uden, Ridderkerk, Venlo, Heerlen, Enschede, Dordrecht, Brielle, Bergen op Zoom, Wieringerwerf, Vlaardingen, Tilburg, IJmuiden, Schiedam, Steenwijk, Leiden, Sassenheim, Harderwijk, Raalte, Hoorn, Den Haag, Elburg, Roermond, Harlingen and Almere.

How does the “Pest Mij Maar” (Just Bully Me) Tour work?pestmijmaartod52ar06cp01zl-hoover6c

Henk will draw up, in consultation with the client (school, municipality or institution) a list of schools that wish to participate with the Tour. These schools will be notified through spoken word and/or mailing of the implementation.

Then, a profitable and logical schedule will be made of all the participating schools (classes). In other words, Henk visits two schools in one day to reduce costs.

The starting point is group 5 of primary education up to every class of secondary education and of course adults. In some cases younger than group 5 is possible; of course in good agreement.

Beforehand Henk will present his important issue to the class which very quickly becomes interactive, because of the way he brings it. After this discussion follows the wonderful sports activity with music that every child can and will experience as very pleasant and cool… because there are no more barriers! The tough guys in the class do not get noticed, because Henk simply does not tolerate it and some quiet (sometimes bullied) children feel safe with Uncle Henk in their corner. During the class there will be moments some children end up in their “old” behavior and forget what the day was all about. This would be the ideal moment to address this. Henk will confront and explain the behavior under a magnifying glass with his ever-present microphone, loud and clear to understand. A revelation and at the same time a right setting of less social behavior.

After the lesson there will be a short closure with the theme as point of attention. Henk will also make arrangements with the class and teacher to evaluate everything after some time (if desired). So this theme remains “alive” even after Henk’s departure. What strikes most teachers and children mutually is the occurrence of the larger corrective factor in this intermediate period.

For information on rates, tour dates and conditions you can call or email Henk; he can also personally inform and explain the Tour to you. Actually, give him a call immediately 0031 (0)6 46 322 685.