Pieter van Vollenhoven was ook duidelijk onder de indruk ...

Lots of times we reach the local media, newspapers and/or magazines. We really enjoy this positive feedback but what do some of our clients say or people that have experienced our work? Lets see what they say…underneath.  The first picture on the left is Prince Pieter van Vollenhoven of our Royal House during Queens day who enjoyed our presence as you can see !








humberto_tanHUMBERTO TAN, TV PERSONALITY (LATENIGHT SHOW) “I have seen Henk several times at work with different groups. What struck me again and again was Henk’s enthusiasm for basketball in a more than convincing way and with a very important benefit:.. With a big smile on me, the participants and of course on Henk himself! Overall I would recommend Henk to anyone. A sure success of every event. “  jochem-vangelder “When i think about Henk Pieterse, I think of BIG. Big in his drive and passion for sports but just as big is his sense of humor and socials skills. If all these features come together in one person, that person should be big and that, he is!!!!”
 Thijs-ZonneveldTHIJS ZONNEVELD, PRO Cyclist and Reporter “At the time Pieterse started talking in a voice that you expect from a guy his size (2 meters long by 2 meters wide) the Noordwijk childhood was all ears. His opening speech about bullying, long smugglers and believe in yourself hit a nerve. The show that followed was equally impressive.3 hours he directed a gym full of shooting guards, forwards and centers “ peter van der velden burgemeesterPETER VAN DER VELDEN, The Mayor of Breda “Someone like Pieterse keeps (bad) youth from the streets better than 10 policemen and social workers together”
michelvankeulenMICHEL VAN KEULEN, RIGHT TO PLAY “Henk Pieterse has been an ambassador for Right To Play since 2006. Of course we are very happy with that. Henk is in fact more or less the embodiment of the method that Right To Play uses in the most disadvantaged areas. Henk connects people and let they find themselves. He teaches them to pick up their self-esteem. And that is coupled with a big dose of fun.
Just like Right To Play also reach children in Mali and Mozambique, for example. Every child has the right to play. How big or small they may be over. Henk shows this every day, and is therefore a wonderful ambassador.
Not only for Right To Play, but for any sport in general! “
markhooijveldMARK HOOIVELD, VOORMALIG SPORTMARKETING MANAGER NIKE EUROPE “It’s hard to speak about the history of Nike Basketball in the Netherlands without thinking about Henks work. He is the motivator and inspiration for a lot of kids to start basketball. That is the reason I personally want to thank him for all the years with Nike and basketball”
barbaradeloorBARBARA DE LOOR, EX TOPSCATER, TV-PERSONALITY AND RIGHT TO PLAY AMBASSADOR  “I know Henk Pieterse as an inspiring personality . I myself , like Henk,  am an Ambassador of Right To Play . The most typical of Henk and his method is that he can be very emotional while bringing his message. For example, in April 2010 a Gala for Right To Play . Henk was there and he offered a basketball clinic for an entire company . The bids were slowly until presenter Jan Douwe Kroeske asked Henk some questions and then he told a very emotional story about Right To Play and his experience of his youth. Then, the bidding shot up. It was great to see ! I hope Henk can go on this for a very long time” emielvanrooy[1]EMILE VAN ROOIJ, JOURNALIST “You have thousands of youth workers, but only a handful really knows their way with young people . Well, Henk Pieterse is one of them. The largest rig he gets smaller and the smallest kids big. “”If the city of Oosterhout is ever looking for help when it comes with a bunch of recalcitrant youth, then now they know who to look for”
Jos van de ven redactie Brabants DagbladJos van de Ven, journalist Brabants Newspaper “More than 150 youth sports champions Bossche enjoyed a basketball clinic by former international and former EBBC-er Henk Pieterse. Plug in a charismatic athlete and the sport of basketball is even more fun than it already is by nature “ ruud_sparreboomRuud Sparreboom, voorzitter rayon West NBB and inspirator peanut(very young)basketball
Rob Van BerkelRob van Berkel, top photographer “Henk can teach and lead in an incredible way. He is honest, sincere, and everyone is equal.
This man should share his great project in every elementary school in the Netherlands
hanshondersHans Honders, themeconsultant City Denhaag “Through his skills and for young people is very important, enthusiastic manner of presentation, he is able to connect  large groups (immigrant) youth”
marcovanderveenMarco van der Veen,  Combinationfunctionaris City if Emmen Henk guided a complete Streetplayday. Parents, teachers as well as children are still talking about that one day! Everyone was very enthusiastic and it has had a big impact on my work. After this sporting attraction we have received many kids excited to participate in our weekly sports activities and let them live a healthier life with fun in sports!” henk_schottertHenk Schottert, voorzitter basketballclub Biks Shots “The unique way in which Henk led our Be a STAR project, more than 1000 students were put to work with a basketball, invariably led to enthusiastic students, teachers and parents. Combined with the stories Henk tells how he used to be bullied, left anxious attendees an experience they will remember for many years. Therefor we highly recommended him “
pedro-by-piek1Pedro van Raamsdonk, ex pro boxer, European Champ and winner of the  Golden Gloves(!) “I had the pleasure to have worked with Henk on certain occasions. I myself have previously been on a ZMOK (hard learning kids in many ways) school.
I like the way in which Henk communicates with people, but especially with the youth which is unique. “
sabine-schoutenSabine Schouten, Coördinator free time, Youth Jail the Hartelborgt, Eventmanager, La Dolce Vita Already the fifth year our regular basketball coach. Henk knows like no other to motivate and stimulate the most difficult of youth. Even without its length
he would be fine with this group because of his verbal
strength and humor. Overall a positive man that always comes through with all his promises. Something for these young people in this juvenile is particularly important
 Hans Gootjes ex NBB directeur  “With his infectious enthusiasm and excellent teaching skills Henk brings the basketball sport a little closer to the young generation that the NBB want to reach. We appreciate his efforts tremendously and hope to be working with him for years”