Anti-Bullying and social standards & values are high priority for all (!) Ball-Contact Sportservice clinics.
This can form the red thread for a tour along the schools; see our link “Pest Mij Maar” (Just Bully Me).
Also the abuse of alcohol and drugs among youth is a real problem, where these clinics are excellent for and we have built a lot of expertise into.

Prior to these clinics these problems are addressed during a playful interactive conversation. Unlike some investors say “achieved successes in the past offer no guarantee for the future” is this the case in this situation. Our “Pest Mij Maar (Just Bully Me) tour is perhaps the longest running active-pestmijmaartod52ar06cp01zl-hoover6ctour against bullying in schools in the Netherlands! Today our tour is assisted by Foundation PestKind (Bully), especially founded to help out schools and institutions that cannot afford it.

Under appropriate conditions, these parties then still can rely on Henk Pieterse to perform and lead the tour.