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Kickboxing is a very physical sport. With only one wrongly placed kick you can hurt someone really bad. But with finding our topman for this job we knew that we were safe because this gentle giant has all the tools to make it that way.


We proudly present you Léon Tuijt a  man with martial arts written all over him. He was not only Dutch Kickboxing champion but also European Karate champion and now a certified kickboxing teacher.

Léon has great passion for sports and the sport of kickboxing being his favorite. He knows how to reach both youth and adults. His enthousiasm and charisma are the elements you will find in all his workshops in which he uses only professional materials.


Safety, pleasure and getting to know this sport without any pressure is what makes it very special. Besides the physical elements Léon follows in the footsteps of our sportservice bureau and pays attention to social behaviors and anti-bullying.


A healthy dose of discipline, working together, respect, stamina and leadership are what Léon brings to the table. Are you in?