About us

Ball-Contact, what does that mean and who is behind this ?

Ball-Contact is a sportservice company founded by Henk Pieterse in 2005. In the story of his life you can read why he chose the name Ball-Contact for the name of his company.

The 6.11” ex basketballpro and 101 times National Team Player has been already active with giving clinics since 1987 at camps and other basketball related events, even while playing pro ball, in offseason.

After his long career Henk (say Hank) had all kind of jobs but his dream; making his passion his work stayed in his mind. And so it happend in 2005 when Ball-Contact Sportservice was born.

Many years of working with different sportsmen Henk has build a big network of unique and skillful people which makes his company to be a special sportservice bureau. Stars out of the world of Panna-soccer, Break-and Streetdancing, Martial Arts, Bootcamp and of course Basketball has made his company an easy choise for clients.

He and his crew only use the best materials possible. And to top that, the use of all those materials are all inclusive.PASSTHEPASSIOD27bR03aP01ZL-Johnson3a


All athelets of Henk’s crew have one thing in common, the passion for teaching sports and the enthousiasm at all activities in which they are part of.

And these are exactly the elements of our missionstatement that we  stand for: garantee great sports-activities full of the values of life, like respect, anti-bulying and working together. We do activities for all ages and all backgrounds and make sure that we teach things physacly and mentaly. Who just want to play a  game or two is at the wrong adress, you don’t need us, any of your PE teachers can play referie.

We want to entertain and teach at the same time, never pushed or forced upon but nicely integrated in our workshops. With our knowlegde and longtime experience we can do this at any level. We adapt easily and it is this flexibility that our clients love and go for.

Our Target Audience:

Our organization works with a big variety of participants: mentally handicapped, young and old(er), prisoners, autistic, business people, sportclubs, schoolchildren, you name we done it. All with the same results, a great learning experience and entertaining at the same time.

BAll- CONTACT through Henk’s eyes:

“In a world where computergames, mobile phones even at a very young age, Facebook, Twitter and other social media have changed our, once so active, children into non moving creatures, I ask myself how can i change this or somehow influence it. In all my years of basketball there is a red line running through my carreer and that is passing the passion i have for sports and basketball being number one. After so many years of working for other companies that used my talents well i created my own company. I bring you Ball-Contact Sportservice where everyone is special and in all fairness, all budgets will do.

We hope to meet you some time

Henks carreer highlights:

  • 2 yrs    junior Delta Lloyd Amsterdam
  • 4 yrs   College basketball in America,Kentucky Wesleyan
  • 6 yrs   Nashua DenBosch
  • 1 yr    BestMate Haarlem
  • 1 yr    Commodore DenHelder
  • 2 yrs   Belgie,Willebroek en St Niklaas
  • 9 yrs   Duitsland,Monchengladbach en Krefeld
  • 101     times National Team
  • 1989 Try-out NBA, 76ERS, last player cut on friday the 13th



  • 5 at Den Bosch Netherlands
  • 1 at Den Helder Netherlands
  • 1 at Amsterdam junioren.
  • 1 at Belgium 3rd division St Niklaas
  • 5 at  German Regional Ligateams
  • 1 as a  coach Hoofdklasse in Heerlen.